19 dezembro 2006

sonhos que se tornam realidade

imagem tirada do filme "Sprout"

Este “post” é dedicado aos irmãos Nuno, Alexandro e aos sonhos que se tornam realidade. O que quero mesmo aqui salientar é o novo projecto que o Alexandro e um amigo iniciaram há pouco e que já conta com bastante sucesso. O projecto deles é inédito em Portugal e para quem esta ruído de curiosidade aqui fica o sitio web – NEREUSKINESIS - e a carta do Nuno ao Manuel, um outro artista, ou artasao como ha quem lhe perfira chamar, da costa Oeste dos Estados Unidos, para que fique aqui bem descrita a ideia de arranque deste novo trabalho no mundo do surf!

Carta aberta:

"Hey Manuel,
I hope everything is fine with you. Today is a very boring grayish
day here in New York City, the work is slow and I find myself
dreaming with surf, waves and when I was in living in Portugal
surfing almost everyday before work. Then I decided to write a few
lines to check up on the boards status. I noticed that you recently
moved to San Francisco, so probably you did not receive my new color
sample by mail, I will go with a sky blue (…), I like the clean design.
Pretty much like me my brother (Alexandro) and two friends (Vasco and
Chico) were tired of boards that don't last, boards that did not
work, unless you have the surf level and physical shape of a
champion… and quiver. They were inspired by alternative wave riding
devices like yours, Pavel's and many others, something capable of
making the surf experience more intense. The only thing in common in
this three persons is the passion for surf and the same need.
They combine Alexandro's communications skills, Vasco surfing
experience and impressive quiver that he collect over the years
traveling around, I think no one else has Boards shaped by Pavel or
Donald Takayama in Portugal, and off course Chico craftsman talent
and his crazy ideas (working for more than 20 years in a boat
construction company, just can not live as shaper, he refuses to
shape disposable surf boards … hahaha.
They just started doing boards for themselves and friends as a main
goal. I believe that they will patch a hole in the Portuguese surf
scene where people normally laugh at Bonzers, single fins, Speed
dialers or even on a simple Twin Fin template, anything that looks
different from what the pro's usually use to ride If you want an
alternative you can not just find it. There is only two options, the
first is get the boards somewhere else or do it themselves... they
look pretty excited.
I hope earring back from you soon. Take a look to their blog:
Take care,